If you are a traveler who is always open to trying new things or just someone who enjoys pampering yourself with things like visits to the spa then you might have experienced the wondrous feeling of being in a hot tub. Hot tubs represent decadence to a lot of people but to those who have experienced the restorative feeling that comes with soaking in warm, bubbly water, the idea of a commercial hot tub in their homes is not ridiculous. Commercial hot tub dealers have become popular over the years and property developers and architects who in the past used to tick off swimming pools as an attractive feature to new homeowners are now incorporating hot tubs in their plans. I was lucky enough to get an architect and builder who could work my fascination with hot tubs into my building plan. I had to do a lot of research before buying because I did not want to spend thousands on something that would end up being too much work for me. Enjoying a periodic soak at a spa is one thing, but buying your own hot tub comes with a few things to consider.


Personal finances

It is important to figure out how much you can afford to spend on a hot tub. Most people end up buying tubs that have extra features that they don’t really need like a built in stereo system and mood lights running through and along the hot tub. I must confess the idea of being able to listen to soothing music or watch TV in my hot tub was appealing, but eventually sanity, prevailed and I opted for what was practical.

Do not fall for the first great thing some salesman offers when shopping for something you are not entirely familiar with. Salesmen on commission, the bigger the sale the higher the commission. I had already had bad experiences with swimming pools and saunas and so I went in prepared with questions and demands. I had learnt tat a good quality pre-fabricated hot tub should not cost more than $5000 and not to trust anything below that. I haggled my way to a great $4999 tub and I’m very proud of my negotiation skills.


How many jets do you really need?

The number of jets or bubble intensity of your tub is a personal choice. You can get a nice experience with 30 jets depending on the size of the tub. The number can go up a 100 or more. I find that having too many jets was noisy and that it detracted me from the reason I had for getting a hot tub- relaxation and so I chose the one with 30. So far, I am enjoying my hot tub but I have become the friend that everyone wants to visit but it’s good, I am not complaining