The Difference Between Good And Bad Software

I’d say that the business software I have worked with for the longest time and I’m thus most conversant with is Microsoft Dynamics CRM (customer relationship management). There are some amazing functionalities about this software which I will delve to next as well as some of the inconveniences I have faced while working with this specific software.
First let’s begin by understanding what Microsoft Dynamics CRM is. In a nutshell, this is a set of tools, applications and platforms that combine to form a business software whose purpose is to assist in business intelligence and many various key customer relationship matters.
The first thing I love about this software is its ease of use. The latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is its 2015 update. It has a look and feel similar to Windows 8 which I happened to be using. If you have used Windows 8 or 10 then familiarity will soon kick in when using this business software. Another great feature is the ability to customize dashboards to so as to quickly assist a user achieve their goals with minimum effort.
Microsoft Dynamics being a business software must be keen on its reporting functionality. I was, and still am, very impressed by its powerful reporting capability. There are readily available templates in the report wizard. I could easily modify the report layout, visualize the data through intelligent charts and graphs.
Another aspect of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that I have to mention is the always available online support from the Microsoft community. I have personally utilized their online forums to report any activity which I thought was a bug but all turned out to be my novice at play. However, there is a 24/7 support for any query a user may have. For the number and further information look at this site. There are also quick start guides as well as training videos on this software.
Now, the other side of the coin. This business software has been optimized for use with purely Microsoft products. The company I work for has implemented different software products like Oracle’s database and QuickBooks (which is an accounting business software). This became a cost issue since we had to do away with the other software as they became redundant and ROI (return of investment) was not realized for the redundant software.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM required me to build a query or report if I wasn’t using Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s default browser which, truth be told is the slowest browser, apart from Safari. This led to some time loss and also missing out on the great functionality if this business software.
Altogether, I would strongly recommend MS Dynamics as your Business Software. It has all the features you will need from a responsive, reliable and adaptable CRM.

Software Of The Future

I am a custom software designer. Not long ago a friend of mine who was working as a heavy equipment operator, was telling me about an opportunity he had to apply for a job working with a new type of earthmoving equipment. He was excited at the prospect of a new and better job, but scared to death that he had no experience with this type of work. In an off-hand way one day, he commented that he wished that there was a simulator that he could use to learn this type of equipment. I was intrigued.

I happen to enjoy flight simulators, and since I create software programs every day, the idea of meeting his need with what I enjoy doing excited me. Soon, with another friend who knew something about the type of equipment he wanted to work with, I went about creating a simple software program that he could use. And since I used a similar program as a backbone, the process wasn’t long before I was able to hand him a product.

The tool I came up with was simple but very effective. Even the graphics that the program was able to create were very rudimentary, but certain aspects of the program were able to show him when he did something right as well as the results of showing him his errors. Eventually, I was even able to modify the program to give him warning signals when something he was doing was out of kilter, which prevented an accident/error. This included having loads that were balanced incorrectly, driving on surfaces that were too steep, and other obstacles that are common in most work areas.

The final result was a tool that gave him not only a feel for the real work environment with this piece of equipment, but a training tool that showed him how to prevent problems and watch for situations that needed to be avoided. Most important of all, my friend not only passed the test that eventually got him the job, but he earned the top score of the candidate pool, far above many candidates who had direct experience using the actual equipment.

It’s important to remember that using simulation software is not the same as the real thing, but in cases where using the real thing is not possible or too dangerous for an inexperienced operator to use, a program can be worth its weight in gold.