The Finer Things In Life

If you are a traveler who is always open to trying new things or just someone who enjoys pampering yourself with things like visits to the spa then you might have experienced the wondrous feeling of being in a hot tub. Hot tubs represent decadence to a lot of people but to those who have experienced the restorative feeling that comes with soaking in warm, bubbly water, the idea of a commercial hot tub in their homes is not ridiculous. Commercial hot tub dealers have become popular over the years and property developers and architects who in the past used to tick off swimming pools as an attractive feature to new homeowners are now incorporating hot tubs in their plans. I was lucky enough to get an architect and builder who could work my fascination with hot tubs into my building plan. I had to do a lot of research before buying because I did not want to spend thousands on something that would end up being too much work for me. Enjoying a periodic soak at a spa is one thing, but buying your own hot tub comes with a few things to consider.


Personal finances

It is important to figure out how much you can afford to spend on a hot tub. Most people end up buying tubs that have extra features that they don’t really need like a built in stereo system and mood lights running through and along the hot tub. I must confess the idea of being able to listen to soothing music or watch TV in my hot tub was appealing, but eventually sanity, prevailed and I opted for what was practical.

Do not fall for the first great thing some salesman offers when shopping for something you are not entirely familiar with. Salesmen on commission, the bigger the sale the higher the commission. I had already had bad experiences with swimming pools and saunas and so I went in prepared with questions and demands. I had learnt tat a good quality pre-fabricated hot tub should not cost more than $5000 and not to trust anything below that. I haggled my way to a great $4999 tub and I’m very proud of my negotiation skills.


How many jets do you really need?

The number of jets or bubble intensity of your tub is a personal choice. You can get a nice experience with 30 jets depending on the size of the tub. The number can go up a 100 or more. I find that having too many jets was noisy and that it detracted me from the reason I had for getting a hot tub- relaxation and so I chose the one with 30. So far, I am enjoying my hot tub but I have become the friend that everyone wants to visit but it’s good, I am not complaining



Best Decision

It was a hot day like every day. My husband Tom and I were busy working every day. I miss him a lot. Everyday life used to be full of pressure.. We no longer spend time with each other like before. I started looking for an idea, something that we we do together to bring us closer to each other.

One day, my husband and I visited the home of Miranda, my friend, and her husband Michael. We found Miranda with her husband in a hot tub. You can tell they’re having fun with each other. A couple of weeks ago, Miranda was complaining to me about the same thing. We were both suffering from pressure of daily life. It prevented us from having a good time with our husbands.

Miranda mentioned that the idea of buying a hot tub was very wonderful. She advised me to buy one. “Hot Tub Manufacturing flourished in the last couple of years.” she said.

Miranda advised me to buy a hot tub from the same dealer. I talked to Tom about it. We decided to buy a new hot tub. The three of us went the same dealer. Miranda introduced me to the dealer and asked him to help me to buy a hot tub.

The dealer asked me, how many people were going to make use of this hot tub? At first, I thought a hot tub for two person would be enough. But then I realized that it’s better to buy a hot tub for more than two. It’s better for families like us. Miranda told if you looked at the price of a two seats and a five seats it’s merely a couple of hundreds of dollars.

My husband s did not want that new hot tub to add a lot to our electricity bill. The dealer told us not to worry about it. Hot tub manufacturing had developed. “We use a circulatory motors, which don’t draw that much watts of power”, the dealer said.

The dealer showed us a number of hot tubs. We bought a new hot tub. It’s a really good experience. The dealer gave us some tips on how to maintain the hot tub. Then he started talking to my husband about some technical matters related to the hot tub. I am glade that Tom came with me. He deals with these things better than I do. I felt I’s so excited to be in that hot tub with my beloved husband really soon. We have been dealing with a lot of pressure of daily life. It’s time to relax.



What You Deserve

Personal injury cases are challenging especially when it comes to compensation. This is why you need a personal injury lawyer. Personal injuries range from car accidents, being bitten by a dog and medical malpractice, all of which require treatment and compensation. One can either take the formal courts or opt for an out of court settlement. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to claim your personal injury claim, you need the services of a personal injury lawyer. Determining the extent of the injury is usually tricky, particularly if you have not been injured in the past before. A personal injury lawyer would help you to get your compensation regardless of the extent of your injury. It has been noted that you should not ignore the minor injuries, because they might become major injuries over time. From a personal experience do not ignore making a call to a personal injury lawyer, because you might end up regretting in future. A personal injury lawyer would make sure that you are also paid for pain and suffering incurred.

Last year I was involved in an accident, which almost left me disabled. My vehicle was badly damaged beyond repair. I was taken quickly taken to the hospital to get medical assistance. It is from the hospital that I got advice from a nurse who referred me to a personal injury attorney. At first I was skeptical of the idea, but after some soul searching I made the call. He came at my hospital bed, and then he told me to explain the circumstances leading to the accident. A moment with him left me relieved because he had already started pursuing the case so that I could compensated for the injuries and loss incurred as a result of the accident.

The experience with my attorney was so amazing, especially in terms of paying the hospital bill and the recovery of my vehicle to good condition. I did not have challenges like other people; he actually had done all the paper work. I loved the way he sorted out my problems with my insurance company, I was fully compensated and back on my feet. His expertise in negotiation really amazed me, on my own I could not make it. In future I would recommend my friends and relatives to his office, because he makes the process short and simple.



Residential Listings

I never believed myself to be a financially practical person. I went to college just because I like reading and writing not because I had any ambition to get a job with an engineering degree. I spent several months working at a restaurant just because I liked playing with fruits and vegetables. I did not know what I wanted to do.
So I first started thinking about getting a house shortly after completing my education. I was working as a chef and making good money. I started to research and got some terrible news. I had only one year of employment history and the variability of my income meant I qualified for a very small loan amount. So I put my desire on the back burner and only after a few months, when I got a better job, the idea of getting a house of my own began to creep into my mind once again.
I have got to admit that finding a residential property when you are a single is pretty difficult. I went to several places, looked at few houses and found it really difficult to find a new place all by myself. The owners of the property hardly paid any attention to my demands and even I did not understand what they were saying. So finally, I decided to take some help.
I went straight to a residential property real estate agent. He was very young and his professionalism made quite an impression on me. He seemed to have access to all sort of properties in the city. He then called some other agents or whoever they were and shortlisted some places according to my demands. It was again he who did all the negotiations on my behalf and I hardly understood a word they were saying. Finally, the contract was signed and I was in my new home within a week. Within the month I was decorating my country kitchen.
The great thing about hiring a residential property real estate agent was that he did everything for me. I kept looking at the properties but was not able to decide anything. He just made a few phone calls found the perfect abode for me. When I was in the office dealing with my clients, my estate agent was finalizing the deal for me. It was around six in the evening and I was still working in my cabin when he called me inform that everything was settled. I met him the next day, signed all the papers and finally got my new home.

Best Carpet Cleaners Around

There’s always many “professionals” who claim to be an expert in their field, don’t believe them all. Trust me, most people use this as a simple sales pitch but only real professional carpet cleaners will show you proof more than talking about it. In my experiences the best thing you can do is check reviews or ask around. In fact, you’ll find that in most cases it’s very common for neighbors to outsource locally. The same goes for carpet cleaners of course.


In Sacramento, I honestly get provided with the absolute top-notch service. Believe me if this was still school these carpet cleaners would had have 5 stars on the chalkboard. Yeah, that good. They even took out old wine stains! How they did that is still an auspicious mystery to me but I’m just glad I called, that’s for sure.


These great carpet cleaners in Sacramento have definitely tapped into some ancient cleaning magic or something, it’s like Bruce Lee one-inch punched the stains out of my smelly carpet. All I know is that no other carpet cleaners I’ve come across have ever done such an excellent job. I swear, I’m almost ready to bet my bottom dollar that they found some hidden scrolls. Whatever it is this is the definite spot for any carpet cleaner to transform or upgrade their skills at this craft. So in my opinion I really feel that I’ve had no other service that could even compare to what these actual professional succeeded in doing; they got an extra tip as well. That’s because an individual’s hard work that ultimately gives great results will get an individual great pay too.


The best part about these carpet cleaners immense effort they put in shows tremendous pride in their work ethic. That’s always an extremely commendable and respectful aspect to a real solid person. I really like that because that’s something that is actually hard to find nowadays, so it was a freshening experience.


I was also happy to notice that I could tell they proceeded to work with a unique perspective. They actually did a light once-over then continued to start over from every angle just to be certain they did an immaculate job. Not only that, not once did these carpet cleaners even stop for a miniscule break or a slight breath. I swear I thought these dudes were “Terminators” or robots because their chill button was entirely non-existent. For that, I’ll definitely be a long-time customer and supporter; you’ll hear from me soon.


No More Wisdom Teeth

My father picked me up early on a Thursday during my senior year English class. This was all planned. I was anxious to finally get my wisdom teeth yanked from my soar gums. My mouth endured four years of agony by the ongoing growth of those unwanted teeth. The truck cut to silence, and this was my cue to enter the building where my first surgery would be conducted. Dr. Ben was the only dentist in our desert, and he was well-known for his professionalism, as well as his skill. He was the Dr. Doolittle of the Modesto dentists, except of course with teeth!

My father and I arrived to the cold room where the surgery would be performed. On the wall was a painting of brown horses running across a grassy hill top. I had an adolescent thought of running myself, but of course I sat down awaiting the next step of this scary process. We’ve all seen those videos of the pubescent teens who are hazed by the famous removal of the unnecessary wisdom teeth, and so I was scared of also playing a part of this comedic trend. Dr. Ben then conveyed the process of the removal. I had three cracked molars from the years of ongoing attempts of the wisdom teeth impacting my jaw. Even before the mask filled with laughing gas covered my face I was numb. Dr. Ben put some metal contraption in my mouth, a few shots, and pressed the mask against my face. He asked me to count down from ten. “Ten, nine, eight, sev-…” The lights peered down at my exposed face while I faded into a deep sleep.
“Would you like any ketchup sir?” I heard a window quickly open, and I was dizzy from the car ride. “Where are we?” I asked my father who was driving my limp body home. I felt the cloud of cotton in my mouth damp from saliva and blood, “did everything go okay?” My father turned at me to smile, “everything went great, but you had almost all of your molars removed!” I moved my cloud of cotton around in my swollen mouth to feel for the new missing teeth. Sure enough, I really only had my canines left. My father handed me a brochure for replacement teeth reassuring me that everything was going to be just fine.

The recovery for my mouth was longer than we had anticipated, but Dr. Ben wrote me a note for extended absences. I hesitated for the entire forty minute car ride home to look at the mirror. I could feel the ‘chubby bunny’ look on my face. When we arrived home I grew the courage to get a visual look at the damage done. I was surprised to see that my face wasn’t cartoon like, and I wasn’t puffy everywhere. Dr. Ben upheld to his reputation! I remember thinking that I would write an amazing review about him.
My second day of recovery our house phone rang. It was a Friday so I answered with my cotton filled cheeks. “Hello?” I asked. “Hello Hannah, this is Dr. Ben! I’m calling to make sure everything is okay!” From the other line I heard the office receptionist in the background taking appointment calls. We planned for my next appointment to get the veneers implanted, and all my nerves were completely gone. My first surgery wasn’t scary, or it wasn’t humiliating. The days past quickly along with my recovery, and the worst part was the drive there.

Accident Care

Almost 3 years ago I woke up to what I thought was any other day. Up at the crack of dawn and get ready for what was going to be one very crucial day for me.
I was living in an RV at the time, working on building a home-based business and going to school online for Business. I had to take my semi-finals that morning and then work on my business for a couple of hours before heading out of town by bus to check into the next home I was looking at.
I was physically fit. Walking 21 miles a couple of days a week was typical. The rest of the week I averaged about 10 miles a day. My business at that time required me to speak to an average of 40 business owners a day. Walking was a simpler way of life in that business and much more economically friendly. However, on this morning it proved to be nearly deadly to me.
My typical morning breakfast was a stop at the store on my way to my destination for an energy bar and a high-protein drink. The store was a mere 3 blocks away. I never made it to the store that day. I was less than half a foot off the sidewalk when a vehicle driving 55 mph hit me directly on my left side. He had been eating an orange and dropped the peelings on the floor. Instead of waiting to get to the red light, he bent over to pick the peeling up and hit me. I took out his headlight, hood, and quarter panel over the passenger front tire. And then took out about a foot of the windshield before going over the top of the car, landing on the street behind his car.
Thankfully, an off-duty fireman was making his way to work at that time and came up on the scene right after it happened. As he was getting out of his car, he saw the man attempting to leave the scene. He hollered at him to stay put because I was dead. He later told me I looked like I stepped on a landmine.
I had broken every bone in my body except my right arm, had internal damage done as well. Injuries included getting my head knocked off my neck and my left leg facing backwards, hanging on solely by a couple pieces of skin and the main artery. I needed accident care chiropractic treatment and I needed it fast. It took me two years to learn to walk again well enough to move back to my home state to be with my son and granddaughter.
I have been seeing a Naturopathic Sports Chiropractor for a bit over a year now. My neurosurgeon didn’t want me to see one. Instead he wanted me to have another fusion done from my C-5 to my C-7. This very wrong procedure would have immobilized me from the neck down. I already had one fusion of my C-1 to my C-3 because I broke the C1 and C3 with spinal cord injury. I said no thanks. I knew right then and there I would see a Chiropractor as soon as I got moved back home.
Take your healthcare into your own hands. Always get more than one opinion and check into alternative procedures or care. I grew up on Chiropractic care. The last time I went to one, years ago, I had a severe slipped disk and pinched nerve at the C-7. The Chiro told me if I couldn’t get the disc back in and it fell the rest of the way out, it would paralyze me. He then told me he would give me 8 adjustments to get it back in. If this did not correct it, I would be looking at back surgery. I am pleased beyond words to report that he got the disc back in after only 4 appointments.
My current Chiropractor has been working on a herniated C-6, dislocated shoulder, lower back and leg issues. I have a plate at the base of my skull and the fusion from the C-1 to the C-3, making adjustments limited at this time.
What needs to be understood, is your diet. You must seek a nutritionist, usually employed at the Chiropractor’s office, who is a naturopathic also. Organic and Non-GMO food is absolutely necessary along with proper, high-quality supplements. Chiropractic care and supplementation with Organic, Non-GMO food is going to give your body the nutrients and physical care it needs to heal itself. You cannot forgo any part of this protocol. I am getting range of motion back in my left arm slowly. I can now put a pony tail in my hair, which is a task I could not do before starting my appointments with my Chiropractor. Combined with my supplementation and my diet I follow, my body has been incredibly healing itself.
This past April I was able to get the rods and screws out of both of my legs! I am now looking at getting the plate out of my head and then getting my left shoulder put back in socket. All accomplished because of my Naturopathic, Sports Chiropractor and the high quality supplementation and clean food that I enjoy eating every day!
Seeing a Chiropractor for automobile accident adjustments is absolutely the wisest decision for your healthcare that you can make. If my Chiropractor can get my broken bone, muscle, tendon, nerve damaged body nearly pain free and up and running again, imagine what he or she can do for you.


Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can prove to be a very difficult task. This is due to the fact that there are different rules and chapters that govern bankruptcy. Hiring experienced and competent lawyers will ensure that you are protected from your creditors. However it is not easy to find a good lawyer to represent you in a bankruptcy case.

There are several questions you can ask a bankruptcy lawyer to grill him/ her for competency;

To begin, you ask the lawyer “Do you charge a flat-fee to represent me?” Recruiting an attorney is expensive. This can be worrying in the event of insolvency as finances are the cause of the problem. In most cases legal practitioners charge hourly. However, the impressive thing is that many lawyers who deal with bankruptcy will charge a flat fee during the overall representation. Look at this site to compare rates of lawyers near you. The fee charged caters for consultations made, filing of documents, and representations during court sessions. When choosing bankruptcy lawyers try to comprehend your attorney’s fee arrangement.


The other question is “Is the bankruptcy your primary line of work?” All attorneys who are licensed are capable of filing the required paperwork. However cases of insolvency are much complex segments of law and do not appear anywhere else. When making a decision on which chapter is to be filed, it involves a critical examination of individual finances and implications. A legal practitioner whose work is to bring the required knowledge and expert in tort claims will not have the knowledge to sufficiently protect you from creditors.

Another question is “What can I expect in regards to communication?” It is necessary for a legal practitioner whose practice is to dedicate to issues of insolvency and it is also necessary to get a practitioner who can dedicate individual attention to a case. This is because determining what action is to be taken entails a detailed analysis of financial situation


Finally, the question “Will you have staff who assist you on my case?” Lawyers who deal with bankruptcy have a good number of clients and may always not be available to work on your case. Scheduled matters that need attention, but may not primarily require personal attention of attorney. It will be necessary that the attorney’s staff or junior lawyers are available to deal with the case personally in the event that the legal practitioner is not immediately available. However, you should ensure that the attorney working on the case will personally review what has been done by the juniors for approval





The Difference Between Good And Bad Software

I’d say that the business software I have worked with for the longest time and I’m thus most conversant with is Microsoft Dynamics CRM (customer relationship management). There are some amazing functionalities about this software which I will delve to next as well as some of the inconveniences I have faced while working with this specific software.
First let’s begin by understanding what Microsoft Dynamics CRM is. In a nutshell, this is a set of tools, applications and platforms that combine to form a business software whose purpose is to assist in business intelligence and many various key customer relationship matters.
The first thing I love about this software is its ease of use. The latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is its 2015 update. It has a look and feel similar to Windows 8 which I happened to be using. If you have used Windows 8 or 10 then familiarity will soon kick in when using this business software. Another great feature is the ability to customize dashboards to so as to quickly assist a user achieve their goals with minimum effort.
Microsoft Dynamics being a business software must be keen on its reporting functionality. I was, and still am, very impressed by its powerful reporting capability. There are readily available templates in the report wizard. I could easily modify the report layout, visualize the data through intelligent charts and graphs.
Another aspect of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that I have to mention is the always available online support from the Microsoft community. I have personally utilized their online forums to report any activity which I thought was a bug but all turned out to be my novice at play. However, there is a 24/7 support for any query a user may have. For the number and further information look at this site. There are also quick start guides as well as training videos on this software.
Now, the other side of the coin. This business software has been optimized for use with purely Microsoft products. The company I work for has implemented different software products like Oracle’s database and QuickBooks (which is an accounting business software). This became a cost issue since we had to do away with the other software as they became redundant and ROI (return of investment) was not realized for the redundant software.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM required me to build a query or report if I wasn’t using Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s default browser which, truth be told is the slowest browser, apart from Safari. This led to some time loss and also missing out on the great functionality if this business software.
Altogether, I would strongly recommend MS Dynamics as your Business Software. It has all the features you will need from a responsive, reliable and adaptable CRM.

Software Of The Future

I am a custom software designer. Not long ago a friend of mine who was working as a heavy equipment operator, was telling me about an opportunity he had to apply for a job working with a new type of earthmoving equipment. He was excited at the prospect of a new and better job, but scared to death that he had no experience with this type of work. In an off-hand way one day, he commented that he wished that there was a simulator that he could use to learn this type of equipment. I was intrigued.

I happen to enjoy flight simulators, and since I create software programs every day, the idea of meeting his need with what I enjoy doing excited me. Soon, with another friend who knew something about the type of equipment he wanted to work with, I went about creating a simple software program that he could use. And since I used a similar program as a backbone, the process wasn’t long before I was able to hand him a product.

The tool I came up with was simple but very effective. Even the graphics that the program was able to create were very rudimentary, but certain aspects of the program were able to show him when he did something right as well as the results of showing him his errors. Eventually, I was even able to modify the program to give him warning signals when something he was doing was out of kilter, which prevented an accident/error. This included having loads that were balanced incorrectly, driving on surfaces that were too steep, and other obstacles that are common in most work areas.

The final result was a tool that gave him not only a feel for the real work environment with this piece of equipment, but a training tool that showed him how to prevent problems and watch for situations that needed to be avoided. Most important of all, my friend not only passed the test that eventually got him the job, but he earned the top score of the candidate pool, far above many candidates who had direct experience using the actual equipment.

It’s important to remember that using simulation software is not the same as the real thing, but in cases where using the real thing is not possible or too dangerous for an inexperienced operator to use, a program can be worth its weight in gold.